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Our Nursery School has closed permanently


Recommendations from Parents and Carers

A parent put a review of Start Right Nursery School onto the internet a few years ago. It said:

“I cannot praise and recommend enough the Start Right Nursery School. My five year old spent 18 months at this school and I am so pleased I had the opportunity to send her there. Toddlers at this age are like sponges and soak up everything they are taught and THIS school is academic as well as allowing the child to express themselves creatively. Some of the more diverse lessons include foreign language, dance, cooking, not what you would expect at a normal nursery!!! I feel it is a shame that not all children can access this environment. A FANTASTIC START TO LIFE.”


Comments from parents, written in thank-you cards:

We just wanted to say a massive thank you to you all. Start Right has been an amazing place for our child. Right from the beginning you have been so nurturing which has enabled her to settle in and make new friends. You have also provided her with so many opportunities, both academic and creative. We have been amazed at the academic level she has reached. She has loved the dance, learning the violin, learning Mandarin and especially the cooking with Peter. She is always so proud of her baking and bringing it home for all the family to share. We will miss our Thursday cooking treats. ;

The environment and culture at Start Right ensures every child reaches their potential and you given them a fantastic start to their school career. The way in which you manage to integrate fun, creativity, emotional development, physical development and learning is unique and incredibly special. We feel you should be held up as the Gold Standard of pre-schools, as all children should be able to experience the Start Right way!

The children are happy and enjoying their time with you, which is credit to you all.

We are so pleased that our child was able to spend her pre-school with you, and she will be taking away many fond memories of her time with you and the relationships she has made.

We will all miss our daily trip to Start Right!

Thank you again for everything you have done, you are all amazing people with so much passion and enthusiasm.  

Thank you so much for a wonderful two years at Start Right and for giving our child such a fantastic start in his schooling.

We have watched our child grow so much in every possible way during his time with you and your careful nurturing.

Andy and I will always treasure the memories you have created for us during events such as the maypole dancing, sports days and especially the nativity plays we have attended.

Thank you for making us so welcome. We feel truly blessed that our child has been a part of the Start Right family.

A huge thank you for the most wonderful and fulfilling start to our child’s learning experience.  

Start Right is such a truly special place. 

I know he has been so happy at Start Right and enjoyed every minute – he talks about the wonderful days he has spent with you.  

He will miss you I know but will cherish many very happy memories. 

Thank you again. 

A note to say thank you so much for giving our child such a great start to his education. Thank you for understanding him and taking the time to get to know him. We so appreciate how you have cared for him and made his experience at Start Right so enjoyable. He has absolutely LOVED attending and has so many amazing memories. Thank you for providing a safe environment for him to learn, explore and make new friends. It has been so good to feel such peace leaving him with you all every week.  

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the kindness, patience and encouragement our two boys have been lucky enough to receive from you. There is nowhere like Start Right and I don’t think there ever will be ..... 

Thank you all so much for everything you have done for our child She has enjoyed her time at Start Right so much and has really thrived in the warm, enthusiastic and encouraging environment you provide. An invaluable experience before starting ‘big school’.  

Thank you for the wonderful time you have given our boys during their time with you at Start Right. 

We shall miss it and are grateful for your dedication and time in providing such a nurturing and fulfilling environment for them all. 

Well what can we say? Such a special place and it has been such an amazing blessing that our child has experienced her pre-school years at Start Right. Your encouragement, devotion to all you do, love, care and education of small people is outstanding in our eyes. Wishing you every blessing for the summer break and thank you for the wonderful memories you’ve given us and our child and the wonderful grounding she now has for school.

Thank you for having provided our child with such a fantastic learning experience over the past one and a half years. He has got so much out of his time at Start Right. It is a very special place thanks to you all, and we feel very lucky our child could come. We both look forward to seeing you all again when it is our other child’s turn. Not long now.  

Thank you for giving our child the best and most fulfilling start to his school life. He has loved coming to you and we have loved sending him off, knowing he was in a lovely homely setting with warm people who teach him fabulous things! I think our child (and us) will miss you lots.

Thank you all for the care and attention you have given our child over the last 18 months. It is very much appreciated.  

Thank you for the wide and varying ‘syllabus’. our child’s highlights have been rescuing cats from a tree and working in the builders’ yard. 

Thank you for always achieving a smile and a giggle from our child during those first few months of drop offs. I think you will remain one of his favourite people for a long time. 

Thank you for the fantastic cooking and bonfire experiences. If we have a chef in the making, it is down to you! 

We can’t thank you enough for the fantastic start in life you’ve given our children. You are special people with a unique vision that genuinely enriches the lives of the children you work with. We are going to miss you very much indeed.  


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