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February 2020

We are enjoying all of our activities at Start Right so far this term. Please ensure that your child is suitably dressed for this cold weather especially if they are staying for Forest School.


Please could you make sure that you are fully contactable whilst your child is at Start Right in case we need to get in touch with you in case of illness or accidents. If you do change any personal contact details, please let us know as soon as possible.


Please ensure that your child comes to Start Right with a pair of named wellington boots for use in the gardens and in the art room. Please also ensure that they are wearing socks. A set of spare clothes for each session would be appreciated.


We are delighted to welcome Jayne to our Forest School team. She will be working with us on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons.


If your child qualifies for two year old or 30 hours funded childcare from the Council, please ensure that you update your status every three months to ensure that you continue to receive the funding.

If you are newly eligible for this funding, please speak to Helen as soon as possible with your funding code and National Insurance number. There is a deadline to apply for this funding for the summer term of 2020 so please let us have any information as soon as you receive it. Any queries, please speak to Helen.


Please be aware that our policy is not to allow anyone to take photographs of any children on their mobile phones while at Start Right.


If your child still wears nappies or pull ups, please make sure that you bring some spares with you and leave them in your child's red bag.


Please make sure that only your child's named boots go in the bucket when you arrive. Everything else, including spare clothes etc should be put into the red bag and brought into Start Right by your child.


• We would appreciate a telephone call if your child is ill. If they have been sick, please make sure you do not bring them back to Start Right for at least 48 hours.
• Please complete the form in the absence book (on the Reception table) if your child is away due to sickness or holiday.
• If your child needs to take any medicine whilst at Start Right please ensure you complete and sign the short/long term administration of medicine form, available from a member of staff.
• Please ensure that Start Right is informed of all people authorised to pick up your child after sessions and let a
member of staff know if a relative or friend is collecting your child, especially if it is the first time.
• If your child brings lunch in to Start Right, please ensure that you include a cool pack in their lunch box and that you do not pack anything which contains nuts. Please also ensure that grapes and cherry tomatoes are cut in half. Please also send in a drink for your child in a non-spill cup.
• Please inform us of any changes to your circumstances or contact details, or any changes you wish to make to your child’s sessions by email or a letter.


Thank you for all your continuing help and support from Caryll and Peter and the staff team.



Caryll and Peter and the staff team.

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